Who We Are

We Started from Zero.

Believe in 0.001

The Not Zero Yet Mindset

The Mission

We want to use our experience in eCommerce to empower other up-and-coming entrepreneurs entering the digital space.

The Vision

One day, Not Zero Yet will be the hub that provides free resources and training to anyone who wants to give themselves a shot at making income online.

The Path

Our path is to serve communities wanting to explore the possibilities of developing additional sources of income from online businesses.

The Why

Not Zero Yet was named by a broke, hungry founder who said, “Life hasn’t hit zero yet…so we can make miracles happen.”

Check out our very own merch store built on Shopify. We’ve been selling motivational and hand-drawn graphic tees since 2013.

A fully-featured customization software was recently added to our store, allowing shoppers to personalize their designs to be printed on various novelty items, such as t-shirts, mugs, wall art, and more.

We’ve expanded customization software utilities to our merch collab partners so that their audience can purchase officially licensed personalized apparel and gifts.

It Takes

A Village

Derek Ryans

Founder of Not Zero Yet
“Humans over dollars, believe in 0.001”


Designers | Artists
“Ooooo…what you thinking?”

TZ Alwan

Designer | AI Artist
“We’ll get it done.”

We’ve compiled a list and are not afraid to share.