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Ecommerce 101

eCommerce Business Examples

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Low Startup eCommerce

eCommerce marketplaces such as Etsy and eBay require nearly $0 to start selling online.

Print on Demand

$0 Startup eCommerce

Suitable for digital artists & designers, easy learning curve, and tons of platforms available.

online store

Build a Full Online Business

Requires some seed money, depending on the business model and the necessary inventory.



What our Clients say…

Derek helped me set up my Etsy shop, he’s the best! Any time I have questions, he’s always super helpful.
Starry Sky | Etsy
I needed help with putting my brick-and-mortar store’s items online and I couldn’t afford to hire anyone, I thought I was done. Derek helped me set up a Shopify store and even referred new customers, thanks!
Duluth Boutique
I thought setting up an eBay store was simple, but I messed up so many times and I was ready to give up. Big thanks to Derek for helping me set up my eBay store!
eBay Seller