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eCommerce tutorials and Print-On-Demand resources for developing businesses and entrepreneurs.

Free Online Tutorials

eCommerce & POD Resources

The Not Zero Yet Youtube channel provides free tutorials based on individual needs.

Store Optimization & Critique

Fresh Eyes on Your eCommerce Site

Personalize reviews, critiques, and detailed optimization strategies for your online business.

Build an eCommerce Store

Budget Conscious Startup

Step by step, we build your online business together,
keeping your budget in mind.

Small Business Directory

Add Your Small Business

Free small business directory for local and online sellers. Tell your story, grow your community. #ShopSmall

Start from Zero

What is
Print on Demand?
How Much Money
Do I Need to Start?

One of the easiest ways to start building an online business, but which platform is right for you?

Niche Idea Factory

Looking for unsaturated niches in print on demand that could potentially work for you? We’ve done the research.

Submit Your Questions
& Online Stores

It takes a village…and it’s disheartening to build endlessly but see zero results for your efforts.

Send a message with your questions and/or a link to your current eCommerce store. Your store may be selected for a critique session along with a publicly posted Youtube video to gather community assistance.