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The Not Zero Yet Mindset

The Mission

We want to use our experience in eCommerce to empower other up-and-coming entrepreneurs entering the digital space.

The Path

Our path is to serve communities wanting to explore the possibilities of developing additional sources of income from online businesses.

The Vision

One day, Not Zero Yet will be the hub that provides free resources and training to anyone who wants to give themselves a shot at making income online.

The Growth

As of 2023, Not Zero Yet encompasses three core entities, each tailored to foster growth and creativity in the e-commerce industry:

  • Not Zero Yet eCommerce Consultation
  • Merch Nook by Not Zero Yet
  • Eden by Not Zero Yet
The Ryans Group Family

Not Zero Yet was a passion project that grew into Ryans Group, a digital consultation agency at the forefront of Web2 and Web3 innovations. While NZY’s sole focus will be to provide e-commerce and print-on-demand sellers tools and resources to grow their businesses, Ryans Group is the backbone for its ventures, ensuring that each initiative succeeds on its own merits and contributes to a larger ecosystem of digital excellence.

The Why

Not Zero Yet was named by a broke, hungry founder who said…

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