Who We Are

We started from zero

“It’s so funny to look back and remember people telling me that I was just a kid “playing around” with internet stores. Then eBay stores turned into 6 fix figure stores, Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify popped up, and here I am, aiming to bridge the gap between modern-day eCommerce with web 3.0 and NFTs.”
Derek Ryans
| Founder of Not Zero Yet


Not Zero Yet

Is It Possible to Start from Absolute Zero?

Starting an ecommerce business with zero startup costs is absolutely possible, especially with the current NFT trends. Every NFT project could benefit from a merch store, simply because merch brings in brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth marketing.

Why spend time and money (that you probably don’t have) stocking up on inventory when you can build a merch store for free?

Drop a line and let’s talk. We can rise together, eat together. Believe in 0.001.

  • Sell on Print on Demand Platforms
  • Build an Ecommerce Store
  • Free Consultation

Showcase by Example

Check out our very own merch store built on Shopify. We’ve been selling motivational and hand-drawn graphic tees since 2013. Recently, a fully-featured merch customizer was added to our store, allowing NFT holders and shoppers to personalize their own designs to be printed on a variety of novelty items, such as t-shirts, mugs, wall art, and more.


Our Clients

Who we have worked with

Big thanks to all the NFT communities that we’ve worked with